Customer Testimonials

Sumeet kumsr, chennai

Very happy with company, this TV Mount for my 50" LG TV. It feels nice and sturdy, I bought this because the store mounts were $80 to $100. At $20, this feels like a steal. It comes with tons of hardware, so you shouldn't need to buy anything else to mount it. After mounted, it was nice and solid. There was another review I read about it being hard to level, which is true. Just monitor the wall bracket while you're installing it and you should be good. I would definitely recommend it!

B.m hajari, Bhopal

Spare focus team is very nice Shipping service is very good Spare parts is tested and working good Thanks sparefocus


My Sony LED TV 50" went bad I showed it at Sony Service Center. They said we do not have parts. we are trying to many mechanics but not repaired my tv, one day i search from google i found and I'm creat a new order of my sony tv part. after 3 days received parts in my hand. Engg. install the parts in led tv . my led tv on perfectly thank you sparefocus,

Johanna Doe, Stockholm

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Introduction: is india's finest supplier of reclaimed replacement LCD, LED,mobile,microwave,and other home applinces and Plasma TV parts. We work tirelessly to provide high quality spares at the lowest prices with the best service possible to each of our great customers. We sell parts for: LCD, LED and Plasma TVs, Laptops, Notebooks and PCs and other appliances.

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