TV160 7th TV Motherboard Tester Tools

TV160 7th TV Motherboard Tester Tools

Product Code: TKDMR TV160 7th TV Motherboard Tester Tools Vbyone
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Equipped with 7-inch high-definition (1024*768) display screen, it can directly display images sent by the motherboard, and output 1080P/60Hz HDMI with external display or TV.
Supporting LVDS signals with various resolutions of 60Hz, 120Hz and 240Hz for single and double screen lines of 2K TV products.
Support 4K TV products V-by-One (including 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels) signal conversion to full screen output, good compatibility.
Automatic recognition of LVDS, V-by-One signals, through the key to achieve LVDS (2K mode), V-by-One (4K mode) cycle switching.
Wide power input design with 5V-12V adapter.
Package included:

1 x Converter
7 x Board
1 x Adapter


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